Filebeat -> logstash -> SIEM


I'm trying to put together a pilot with ELK plus Qradar. The ELK part works like a charm, but I have some issues on Qradar side. This is heavily relies on proper syslog fields, but unfortunately when I forward logs received on beats input using logstash, important fields (like $srchost, $timestamp) are missing.

I thought, it is no problem, I can put together a proper syslog message using the mutate filter, but it seems I cannot access fields in beats. Any idea for a proper mutate filter?

This is what I've tried

filter {
mutate {
;; add_field => ["syslogmsg", "<%{priority}>%{timestamp} %{logsource} %{program}[%{pid}]: %{message}"]
add_field => ["syslogmsg", "<%{syslog.priority}>%{message}"]


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