Filebeat memory usage is keep increasing

Hello, community!

My colleague's struggling with some issue with filebeat in his project for 5 months, so every engineer in my team decided to help him.
He's using filebeat 7.14.2 to collect logs and send it to kafka.
Configuration is similar as below.

  • Input
- type: filestream
  enabled: true
      inactive: 1m
      removed: true
  clean_inactive: 1h
  clean_removed: true
    - /path/to/logs/**/2022*
  • filebeat.yml
  enabled: true
  path: ${path.config}/inputs.d/*.yml
    enabled: true
    period: 60s

filebeat.registry.flush: 5s
max_procs: 2
tags: ["CHANNEL"]

  enabled: true
  hosts: [
  topic: "test-topic"
  required_acks: 1
    reachable: false
  max_message_bytes: 9000000
  compression: snappy

  - decode_json_fields:
    fields: ['message']
    target: ""
  - drop_fields:
    fields: ['message']

logging.level: info

Symptoms are like below.

  1. Memory usage of filebeat process is keep increasing.
  2. Takes too much time writing {6 digit number}.json file in registry path when log.json reaches 11MB. (Because {6 digit number}.json file size is getting bigger and bigger when created.)
  3. Found states of removed files in every {6 digit number}.json file created in registry path.
  4. Every TTL of removed files was 0.

To find a cause, another engineer looked up filebeat codes in github repository and tested himself.
He said GC of removed files was not working because "resource" of removed files were considered not finished.
Here's a snippet of the codes.

// checkCleanResource returns true for a key-value pair is assumed to be old,
// if is not in use and there are no more pending updates that still need to be
// written to the persistent store anymore.
func checkCleanResource(started, now time.Time, resource *resource) bool {
	if !resource.Finished() {
		return false

	defer resource.stateMutex.Unlock()

	ttl := resource.internalState.TTL
	reference := resource.internalState.Updated
	if started.After(reference) {
		reference = started

	return reference.Add(ttl).Before(now) && resource.stored

And here's how filebeat checks if resource is finished.

// Finished returns true if the resource is not in use and if there are no pending updates
// that still need to be written to the registry.
func (r *resource) Finished() bool { return r.pending.Load() == 0 }

Engineer who tested told me a value of r.pending.Load() of removed files increases to 2 but never decreases to 0 and that's why memory keeps increasing because resource won't be released in memory store.

Is there any way to clean states of removed files and lower memory usage?

Thanks in advance.


The Filebeat version you're using is pretty stale. Is there a chance to verify the possible memory leak with latest version?

Hello, @mtojek !

My team tried 7.17 and 8.4.
Found same symptoms.

What sort of memory use are you talking about here?

Hello, @warkolm !

It's RSS.
I can see active and gc next increasing on stack monitoring too.

Is there any progress about this discuss?

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