Filebeat Memory Usage (Linux)

I am experiencing a similar issue with filebeat-1.2.3 on centos7.

The log file that is being tracked reaches a maximum size of about 9.6MB and rotates out every couple days.

At startup, filebeat will start using 200-300MB of memory and over the course of 10-15 minutes will ramp up to as much as 900MB.

Attached you'll find my filebeat.yml as well as a memprofile from about a 10 minute period of the filebeat process running.

Can you also post the top line for filebeat? Something like:

top -n 1 | grep filebeat

I want to make sure we're talking about residential memory and not virtual memory, since virtual memory is known to be very large for Go programs, but that isn't actually a cause of concern.

Ahh! That's exactly right @tudor.

73340 root 20 0 806512 14484 1804 S 0.3 0.0 3:20.83 filebeat

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