Filebeat metric

Hi, Does filebeat outputs any metrics. We 'd like to track its throughput and something like the lag offsets to the end of the files etc.

Filebeat exposes some metrics through -httpprof: In Filebeat 1.x there are very few variables. More were added in the 5.0 release, but still more have to be added. Part of this issue here is add additional "expvar" variables: It would be interesting to hear which are the ones you are most interested in?

Thanks for the reply. It's nice to have expvar interface. One potential use case we have is to use filebeat to simulate some Kafka behavior. So we are very interested in offset management. Very simple one is to know the current lag offset (how many bytes remaining to be be read). It will also be nice if we can reset or rewind the offset.

The problem about the remaining offset is that it constantly changes. I can see that this could be useful for a predefined tests but not sure how this would be useful during daily production. Would you expect it to be an average over time or just the value of a point in time?

Expvar does only expose variables, it is not possible to interact with filebeat throug expvar. Means resetting / rewinding of offset is not possible. This goes more in the direction of an admin interface.

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