Filebeat netflow module do not start after update to 7.11

after updating the stack from 7.10.2 to 7.11 the netflow module will not start anymore.
The only message we see every 10 seconds in journal is

filebeat[1976620]: 2021-02-11T17:40:01.242+0100        ERROR        [reload]        cfgfile/list.go:99        Error creating runner from config: Error getting config for fileset netflow/log: Error interpreting the template of the input: template: text:8:5: executing "text" at <.internal_networks>: map has no entry for key "internal_networks"

Hoppe that sombody can help.

Best regards

was able to fix it.
With 7.11 the ../modules/netflow.yml changed

I had to add

        - private

in my existing yml file

Just had the same issue.
The new variable is neither documented nor a note in the upgrade guide or breaking changes!

I opened a bug for the startup failure and missing docs for the new variable: [filebeat][netflow] filebeat does't start when internal_networks variable isn't defined in config file · Issue #24094 · elastic/beats · GitHub