Filebeat not able to get k8s namespace annotations

I noticed a potential issue with filebeat. I'm trying to add some annotations to the log messages and I noticed that filebeat is not able to get namespace annotations from kubernetes cluster. Pod annotations are working fine. Here is my minimal config:

    - type: kubernetes
      hints.enabled: true
      include_annotations: ["", ""]

  path: /tmp/filebeat
  filename: filebeat

Expected result in this case should be a json object with the following field

    "annotations": {
      "kubernetes_io/psp": "restricted-gitvolume",
      "": "some-value"

Instead of that I get this output

    "annotations": {
      "kubernetes_io/psp": "restricted-gitvolume"

Can you please verify my configuration? I'm not sure whether this is a filebeat issue or I configured it wrong.
Thank you

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