Filebeat not able to read logs from kubernetes pod

I am trying to input logs from Azure file share, so I created a volume mount in the Beats yaml file and was able to get the logs mounted under "/mnt/smbshare/Logs/*.log".
But filebeat is not able to read those logs with my below given input code

    - type: filestream
      id: ***-logs
      enabled: true
        - /mnt/smbshare/Logs/*.log
        - ndjson:
           keys_under_root: true
           overwrite_keys: true

      - decode_json_fields:
          fields: ["message"]
          target: ""
          overwrite_keys: true
          add_error_key: true
      - drop_fields:
          fields: ["LogNumber"]
      - rename:
            - from: "message"
              to: "log_message"
      - dissect:
          tokenizer: "%{Timestamp} %{Level} %{MessageTemplate} %{Properties}"
          field: "log_message"
          target_prefix: ""
      - timestamp:
          field: "Timestamp"
          target_field: "@timestamp"
            - "2006-01-02T15:04:05.0000000-07:00"

I have purposely dropped the field "Properties" which is a nested json block and was having parsing error.

please let me know if I have chosen the correct way to get these logs ?