Filebeat not able to read multiple log files

Hi All,

I am using Filebeat 5.5 with ELK stack 5.5.
I configured filebeat.yml file to sent all logs to logstash. it is working fine when I am giving single log file but when I am trying to configure it for multiple log files it is not working.

I am not able to see any logs from multiple log file.

below I pasted my filebeat.yml file for your reference:

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- input_type: log
       - "/var/log/tomcat/tomcat.log"
       - "/var/log/cron"
       - "/var/log/messages"
  document_type: mytest_log
    app_id: mylogs

#---------------- Logstash output ----
  hosts: ["LOGSTASH_IP:5044"]
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Can you please format the config using the </> button so we can see exactly what it's setup as and not the formatted way it is now.


I have updated the configuration file, pls check it and let me know if you find any issue with the configuration file.

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