Filebeat not close delete filehandler

we are running filebeat 6.8.22 with inputs as docker containers and it doesn't release file handlers for deleted files

- type: docker
  close_inactive: 5m
  close_removed: true
  clean_removed: true
    ids: "*"
    path: /var/lib/docker/containers
    stream: all
  ignore_older: 36h
  json.message_key: log
  json.keys_under_root: false
  json.ignore_decoding_error: true
  scan_frequency: 60s
  document_type: 'docker-logs'
  - add_docker_metadata: ~

an example from ps output

filebeat  27275            root    5r      REG              202,1 100000031  127955205 /var/lib/docker/containers/2839281c157
og.2 (deleted)
lsof -n|grep filebeat|grep delete|wc -l

this behavior causes extra disk space on EC2 nodes to be used and not properly cleaned up, and eventually, used space is hitting 100% percent and causing Out of disks space errors, affecting other containers running at the same EC2 node

any ideas how to fix it? possible quick workaround can be periodic restart for filebeat container, but it seems hacky to me

GitHub issue - filebeat not close delete filehandler · Issue #30472 · elastic/beats · GitHub

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