Filebeat not indexing files immediately, have to make changes to files for it to get sent

I am an ELK newbie. I have created some text files using a python script and saved them in a folder. I have configured Filebeat to send to Logstash and Logstash to Elasticsearch. I have set the path as

- /home/vboxuser/temp/output_text_files2/*.txt

My problem is that when i start filebeat and logstash, it does not immediately send the files. Once I enter the file, do anything in it (not changing the final file) and save it, then it gets indexed. Why do I need to save it once again for it to be sent? Also I do not even know if it is an filebeat problem or logstash problem. I tried using the ignore_older: 1m option, I tried using scan_frequency:1m option, still does not work.

Any or all help is appreciated.

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