Filebeat not reading .csv and .bad files from a particular location

Hi ,

I am trying to read files from the below 2log paths.

#=========================== Filebeat inputs =============================


# Each - is an input. Most options can be set at the input level, so
# you can use different inputs for various configurations.
# Below are the input specific configurations.

- type: log

  # Change to true to enable this input configuration.
  enabled: true

  # Paths that should be crawled and fetched. Glob based paths.
    - D:\Program Files\Informatica Cloud Secure Agent\apps\Data_Integration_Server\logs\*
    - D:\Program Files\Informatica Cloud Secured Agent\apps\Data_Integration_Server\data\error\*

Second log path has .bad files and .csv files.

Filebeat reads the data from first path(which has .log files) and sends it to ES, however it is not sending any logs from the second path.

Any help would be appreciated..Thank you.

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