Filebeat not reading log

I am facing an strange issue where filebeat is not able to read a log file (basically it just do nothing) and unable to send to logstash:
[{"Client IP":"","API ID":"25209983","API Name":"placeholder","API Version ID":"959226","API Version Name":"1.0.development","Application":null,"Application Name":"","Message ID":"125a66a0-6e21-11e7-8c8f-0a4ea01f0582","Timestamp":"2017-07-21T14:29:57.898Z","Request Size":null,"Response Size":null,"Request Outcome":"PROCESSED","Verb":"GET","Resource Path":"/users","Status Code":200,"User Agent Name":"Mozilla","User Agent Version":"5.0","Browser":"Chrome","OS Family":"Windows","OS Version":null,"Hardware Platform":"Other","Timezone":"Asia/Kolkata","City":"","Country":"","Continent":"Asia","Postal Code":null,"Violated Policy Name":null,"Response Time":64}]

Filebeat config is default with file path.
Logstash config:
input {
port => "5043"

output {
stdout { codec => rubydebug }

Please help !

What kind of log is this? It's from logstash?

The configuration is logstash as well. Please share filebeat configs and logs.

Please format logs and configs using the</>-button in the editor toolbar, so to keep proper layout (and readability).

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