Filebeat not sending data to redis with 2 servers in the hosts config

Hi, I'm using Filebeat to send data to redis and depending on the region, one of the redis servers is not available (firewall), but want to keep the same config so the released code/config is the same for all regions.
We are running Filebeat 6.5.4-x86_64 in ubuntu with this config:

        - type: log
          enabled: true
             - "/var/log/containers/backend-server/instrumentation.log"
          json.keys_under_root: true
          json.add_error_key: true

          hosts: ["", ""]
          key: "instrumentation"
          db: 0
          timeout: 360
          loadbalance: false

I've tried with and without the loadbalance config.
In the filebeat logs I get this:
2019-02-04T02:58:22.928Z ERROR pipeline/output.go:100 Failed to connect to redis(tcp:// dial tcp xxxxx:6379: connect: no route to host
2019-02-04T02:58:22.928Z INFO pipeline/output.go:93 Attempting to reconnect to redis(tcp:// with 4510 reconnect attempt(s)
2019-02-04T02:58:22.928Z INFO [publish] pipeline/retry.go:189 retryer: send unwait-signal to consumer
2019-02-04T02:58:22.928Z INFO [publish] pipeline/retry.go:191 done
2019-02-04T02:58:22.928Z INFO [publish] pipeline/retry.go:166 retryer: send wait signal to consumer
2019-02-04T02:58:22.928Z INFO [publish] pipeline/retry.go:168 done

Any pointers of what I'm configuring wrong? I need the beat to connect to the second host, as it doesn't have a route to the first host from this region.
In the other region where I have a route to the first host it works pretty well
many thanks!

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