Filebeat on Kubernetes not collecting logs from master nodes


While trying to investigate a problem with our kubernetes cluster I discovered that our filebeat install was not collecting logs from anything running on the "master" nodes. It did when I initially installed filebeat a while ago.

After some digging, I find that a few kubernetes versions ago, they changed it so that DaemonSets (which filebeat uses to deploy on kubernetes) do not deploy to master nodes by default.

I believe the filebeat-kubernetes file at :

Needs to be changed to include

      - key:
        effect: NoSchedule

This works for me.

Am I correct? is this something I should submit as a bug?


Hi @colincoghill and welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this, I think we should add these tolerations to the reference configuration and/or to the documentation. I see we already mention something similar for OpenShift.

Please, submit a bug for this.

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