Filebeat on RHEL not sending to Logstash from all managed servers

Good Morning;

I have an odd situation with regards to my Filebeat installation. I have it installed on all of my RHEL v.8, and out of the 5 I have it installed on, only 2 are sending the information to logstash, where I can read it in Kibana. The two that are sending viewable Filebeat log information are the Logstash and Kibana servers, I have 2 zabbix servers and the Elasticsearch servers that are not sending viewable information. I have configured everything in the same way throughout my environment. I check the /var/log/messages on Elasticsearch and Kibana and I do see Filebeat listed in both. I also see:

error determining if connected Elasticsearch node is master in the Elasticsearch server in the messages log.

I only have 1 Elasticsearch server with 100's of terrabytes of space. I just don't understand why I would get it from 2 systems and not the 3 others as they are configured identically.

Please help, it is appreciated.

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