Filebeat on windows to ES instance on Ubuntu

I am trying to connect Filebeat on windows to ES instance on Ubuntu via Logstash.
The error which I got is :

Its not getting connected !
ANd even logstash is getting terminated!

Are you posting using multiple accounts or what's going on?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that long snip you've pasted is from the Ubuntu box right? Is that your Logstash log? It looks like your ES service isn't running, or accepting connections on that IP:port combination

That may explain why Logstash terminates, because i can't hold all the data being sent to it by filebeat without sending it into ES? Just a thought.

Best of luck!

Yes exactly! Filebeat is able to send logs to local elasticsearch but not to remote. My filebeat and logstash are on windows machine and my elasticsearch is on ubuntu

Have you checked your local FW on your Ubuntu machine? Have you run tcpdump to see if the Ubuntu machine is getting the packets from your Windows machine? This could very well be a simple networking issue - that would be nice and easy for you to fix :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

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