Filebeat output elasticsearch max_retries configuration question

Hi !

I saw the description Filebeat ignores the max_retries setting and retries indefinitely. in Configure the Elasticsearch output | Filebeat Reference [7.11] | Elastic but in the filebeat configuration file The max_retries description will retry according to the max_retries configuration. If you want to confirm, which description shall prevail?

Looking at the code for the Elasticsearch output, it looks like the max_retries configuration is being honored. So I would say the description in the Filebeat configuration file prevails.

If you have a GitHub account, would you mind filing a bug for this documentation issue:



I saw Clarify max_retries description for Filebeat and Winlogbeat by dedemorton · Pull Request #7180 · elastic/beats · GitHub from github issues, description Filebeat configure the pipeline to guaranteed send. This enables infinite retry, infinite retry doesn't it apply to output elasticsearch?

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