Filebeat output file - Safe to delete or nullify that file?

Hi Team,

We start FB in our application servers using nohup command.
So the results are stored in nohup.out file.

Is it safe to delete this file or should we stop FB process --> remove nohup.out file --> start FB again?

Requirement is to maintain filesystem space as FB's nohup.out file is occupying too much of space.

Any help?

Is there any reason you don't use our provided init scripts / systemd files? They send the log output to syslog where it gets rotated independently.

In your case, whether deleting nohup.out is enough depends more on the shell/nohup implementation than Filebeat, so I'd just test to see if the disk space gets freed.

But you can configure Filebeat to write its output in rotating files, that might be cleaner. See:

Thank you @tudor.

The documentation is helpful.

For now what i have done is started Filebeat using nohup without publish -d option.
nohup ./filebeat -e -c fb.yml &

Hope this correct!

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