【filebeat output.file】when the output filebeat has been deleted,it wont be created agian automatically

when I using filebeat to filter log files and output the contents to a new file(all function is carried by filebeat souce code), I found when I delete the output file, it wont be created again, even I touch a file in the same path with same name, filebea wont write the filtering content to the new file. I found it may be the origin output file may be registered in the process. Could anyone solve this problem for me or show me which function in source code be in charge of this, tks

Hi! Are you deleting the file while filebeat is still running, or in between restarts? The latter ought to work, but an output file can't be safely deleted while it's still in use.

I delete it when filebeat still running bro, so there is no way to fix the problem?

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