Filebeat path glob support

According to the docs:

It looks like there's some glob support for paths. However, a glob pattern I've written doesn't seem to be getting used by filebeat (the log file doesn't show harvesters for any of the existing files):

This is the pattern:

It tests fine on globtester, so I thought I'd ask here in case I'm missing something obvious. Is glob support only partial?

Your glob doesn’t appear valid for filebeat, it also doesn’t appear to be valid for logstash.

For filebeat the important info is here:

For logstash I’m unsure what the authority is but the doc you reference doesn’t document the pattern you described as valid either.

Ah, looks like the parenthesis stuff I was using is "extended" glob:

I'll use exclude_files to work around this.

hehe, you’re in for a treat, that doesn’t exists :wink:
It’s for lines, not files.

Maybe there is another way, with only globs. I don’t how your files are named and managed.

lol MY bad.. it does, I had never looked at it before :wink:

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