Filebeat - prospectors/inputs and active modules with configuration

Dear Elastic Team,

I am having a small question. Currently I am using a wildcard expression in my Filebeat input configuration (/var/log/log; /var/log//*log)., but I started to use the system module with its configuration under /etc/filebeat/modules/.

Does the activation of the system module, automatically excludes the files from my main input configuration or do I have to exclude them manually?



Hi @yannicknk,

Enabling the system module should not automatically exclude any inputs you defined in your configuration.

A few questions:

  • Before you enabled the system module were the files you defined in your inputs getting harvested?
  • What version of Filebeat are you using?
  • Which OS are you running on?
  • Can you paste your Filebeat configuration here, including configuration for modules you have enabled?
  • Can you paste your Filebeat logs here?

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