Filebeat push same event in multiple indices

Hello, is it possible to send the same event into multiple indices in the same elasticsearch cluster?
Example filebeat.yml:

	  enabled: true
	  path: ${path.config}/inputs/*.yml
		enabled: true
		period: 10s
	  - decode_json_fields:
		  fields: [""]
		hosts: ["https://xxx:9200"]
		  - index: "filebeat-7.12.0-app1"
			  component: "app1"
		  - index: "filebeat-usa"
			when.equals: "usa"

and this is the filebeat input:

	- type: log
		- /var/log/apps/aaa.json
		component: app1
		team: xxx
	  fields_under_root: true
	  scan_frequency: 10s
	  json.keys_under_root: true
	  json.add_error_key: true

test command:

    echo '{"outer":"value","":"usa","inner":"{\"data\":\"value\"}"}' >> /var/log/apps/aaa.json

Expected result is to have the same event in both indices: filebeat-7.12.0-app1 (first match - because of component field) and filebeat-usa (second match - because of processors and the decode of the specific field

Actual result is: the event goes into the first match (which is correct based on the docs), but is it possible to send the same event into multiple indices without logstash?

I know it's possible with logstash but I don't want to introduce another component into the infrastructure.

I don't think it is when sending directly from filebeat. I think ur best way is to send from logstash as that can multiple outputs in parallel.

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