Filebeat rabbitmq module


Are there any plans to add a rabbitmq module for filebeat?
Or is there any logstash grok filter available to parse rabbitmq logs?
I've searched on elastic forum but only found an old topic(Storing RabbitMQ Logs in ELK) that is talking about rabbitmq grok filter, but only for rabbitmq versions <3.7 (after 3.7 the log format was totally changed).
Currently we are using a 3.7.x version. One option could be to activate the option in rabbitmq config, bound a queue to log exchange and configure logstash to read from this queue. Taking in consideration that we have to allow logstash to access rabbitmq, for security reasons this is not a valid option.
A better approach would be to have a rabbitmq module for filebeat as metricbeat already have or at least a logstash grok filter.

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