FileBeat + Rails Log

I have a very custom rails log with contains some text and a JSON string at the end. Can I use filebeat to dissect/process the file so I can send a proper message to elastic cloud? Here is an example of the message and what I've added the filebeat.yml but it does not work:

[2020-06-09T17:44:42-04:00] [f0345957-5fd6-4998-9972-e02c9cc24419] [] [localhost] {"method":"GET","path":"/wait_times/FL","format":"xml","controller":"WaitTimesController","action":"show","status":200,"duration":119.22,"view":0.74,"db":83.13,"params":{"state_abbrev":"FL"},"time":"2020-06-09 17:44:42 -0400","uuid":"f0345957-5fd6-4998-9972-e02c9cc24419","host":"localhost","remote_ip":"","user_id":53}

  - dissect:
      tokenizer: '[%{key1}] [%{key2}] [%{key3}] [%{key4}] {%{key5}}'
      field: "message"
      target_prefix: ""

Any help would be greatly appreciated.