Filebeat read a log repeatly


I need to collect the automatic test log to analysis.
The log content like this: 
Total Pass Fail
  5        2      0
The automation program will update the number of case.
It does't add a new line or change the size of the file.
Now i'd like filebeat to read the log and send the event periodically.
However, the filebeat just record the offset of last line in the log file. How can i configure the filebeat to read the whole file no matter the log if add a new line?

Hi @SimonK :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm afraid that it's not possible to do what you are asking with Filebeat


Thanks @Mario_Castro
Do you know if other plugins can fulfill this requirement?

You can try with Logstash, I'm not sure if it has such an option

Hi @SimonK,

You can do the same by creating a script which delete you filebeat offset file and read again your file with new value.

For this you need to create a script and add cron job for the same.

This is not a solution for filebeat. However, you can achieve your requirement with this if you want.

Harsh Bajaj


Thanks, Harsh. Seems a good solution.

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