Filebeat read/extract file from shared drives/shared folder


i would like to install FileBeat in remote server and reading/extracting file from shared drive.
Is it supported or will it supported in future?

While it works in most cases, it's not a good idea to use network shares. Definitely not recommended by us. Common problems with network shares is connection loss, file meta-data changing on a whim (can not differentiate between new file, renamed file, same file ...), and the worst: file holes due to buffering and out of order file updates.

Thanks Steffens, which means the best way to implement the filebeat is install it in the same server/client as the files it going to read. is it correct? One more question, is the team going to enhance and resolve the problems you mentioned and finally support the network shares feature? :slight_smile:

Well, we have some ideas to work around some of the issues, but no explicit things on the roadmap. Adding network shares in general is always like asking for troubles, no matter what workarounds we implement. The recommended way is to have filebeat as the collector on the host itself, or have the application/host push logs (e.g. via syslog).

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