Filebeat regexp metadata variables

i run filebeat on Kubernetes cluster. We use them for send logs to Kafka.
Sorry, but I'm rookie on Filebeat :).
In our Kubernetes cluster we have a namespace naming convention:
, for example:
On Kafka topic is created only by the application name.

In configuration file for Filebeat we use:
a) processors: add_kubenetes_metadata, add_host_metadata
b) ouput:

  topic: '%{[kubenetes.namespace]}-k8s.log

in logs I see metadata for example:

"kubernetes": {
  "namespace": "dev-deathstar", 

Now is the questions:
is there possibility to create a new variables that we can use regular expression to get only data that we need, for example:
variable name: k8snamespace
value: deathstar

After successfully use regexp we should set our topic name as following:

topic: %{[k8snamespace]}-k8s.log

Thankful for any help.


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