Filebeat registry not getting updated

Hi There,

Issue: Filebeat is not updating the custom filebeat.registry_file according to the files present in the filebeat.prospector.paths


  • System spec: 8 core 8GB ram Intel system
  • Filebeat version: 6.2.2
  • OS: CentOS 7

Points to consider:

  • Around 17 process each running its own custom_filebeat.yml file.
  • All the process, is running at 1%(say X1 to X17) except one at 99%(say X0).
  • Some of the file between X1 to X17 are similar to X0 but working fine.
  • The registry file contains entry for older files but new ones are not getting entered while respective file mentioned in path are present

About X0 filebeat config file:

  • This file reads input from file path as regex.
  • And outputs the data to kafka.

Contents of X0(Similar to actual file):

Thank You

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