FileBeat - Ship only Filtered log lines

(Venkatesh) #1

Use Case: Real time application transactions logs metrics analysis & monitoring
Environment: File Beat (1.0.0-rc2) --> Log Stash (2.0.0)--> Elastic Search (2.0.0)--> Kibana (4.2.1)

The Filebeat captures all the log entries from the custom application logs files and ships to log stash on a remote server.

Can we configure Filebeat to capture only selected log entries or filter the log entries/lines and ships them to logstash, so that the network traffic would be optimized.

Venkatesh M

(Tudor Golubenco) #2

Hi, this is a planned feature for the next release (1.1). The work on it hasn't started yet, though.

(Venkatesh) #3

Hi - Is there any planned roll out date. Eagerly waiting for this feature to be available for a project POC.

(Monica Sarbu) #4

We are targeting 1.1 for middle of January. You can follow the status of this issue here:

(Venkatesh) #5

Hi Monica
Is there any target date for this feature.. I see in the github that this feature would be part of Beats 1.1.0 release.

Eagerly waiting for this feature

(ruflin) #6

The current target is mid next week, but we can't make any promises.

(system) #7