FileBeat - Ship only Filtered log lines

Use Case: Real time application transactions logs metrics analysis & monitoring
Environment: File Beat (1.0.0-rc2) --> Log Stash (2.0.0)--> Elastic Search (2.0.0)--> Kibana (4.2.1)

The Filebeat captures all the log entries from the custom application logs files and ships to log stash on a remote server.

Can we configure Filebeat to capture only selected log entries or filter the log entries/lines and ships them to logstash, so that the network traffic would be optimized.

Venkatesh M

Hi, this is a planned feature for the next release (1.1). The work on it hasn't started yet, though.

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Hi - Is there any planned roll out date. Eagerly waiting for this feature to be available for a project POC.

We are targeting 1.1 for middle of January. You can follow the status of this issue here:

Hi Monica
Is there any target date for this feature.. I see in the github that this feature would be part of Beats 1.1.0 release.

Eagerly waiting for this feature

The current target is mid next week, but we can't make any promises.