Filebeat Sincedb may not cleanup complete

Hi, everyone

I'm testing filebeat for our project, and I found that the sincedb is not completly cleanup.

the below step is the mock situation for our project, and the 3-4 steps is moking the filebeat was down and config item was removed.

  1. make a filebeat input config contain the log file
  2. start the filebeat
  3. stop the filebeat
  4. remove the config
  5. start the filebeat
  6. we found that the sincedb container the item with ttl = -2 and it will alway there while the file is removed

After looking for the source code of filebeat, I found that the sincedb item only removed when the inputs contained the sincedb item file.

After running for a long time with this case, the sincedb file will be large and contain lot of dirty data.

Is there any way to solved the problem?

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