Filebeat startup failed

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I use filebeat to collect file log. the filebeat version is 6.2.2, the os version is Redhat Enterprise 5.1.
when start filebeat, it failed. the log showed: Exiting: open /proc/sys/kernel/hostname: errno 530. I guess it failed when get beat.hostname value from file /proc/sys/kernel/hostname. But I can cat /proc/sys/kernel/hostname and get the value successfully. after reading the reference, I cannot cancel the beat.hostname to bypass the error.
how do I solve it. I tried the latest filebeat 6.30, also failed. isnt the OS version too low? Any Clue?

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mostly because of low os version. in anothor machine with redhat enterprise 5.5, filebeat can startup successfully.

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Hi @weilinqwe and welcome :slight_smile:

As you mention the OS version can be too low, we only support RHEL starting on 6.X. I'm afraid that it can be hard to make Beats work on older versions due to lack of support in Go for old kernel versions, see this report for example:

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