Filebeat Stops sending logs once logstash stops responding for sometime

Filebeat stops sending logs if logstash goes down for sometime and comes back eventually. It doesnt start sending logs until we bounce the filebeat server. Any idea why its stops sending logs. Any help other than adding a message queue to this.

Here is the Filebeat version -- filebeat version 1.0.0-rc2 (amd64)
OS -- Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6

Can you update filebeat to at least 1.0.1 and run filebeat with -v -d '*' to collect filebeat debug output?

Although this is an old issue, I am having exactly this problem.

I am running filebeat on a Debian Jessie VM. How do I run Filebeat with those params on this system?

Which version of filebeat are you using? This should be solved in the more recent versions.

Hi ruflin,

We are using Filebeat version 1.2.1 (amd64)