Filebeat TCP input with SSL - Logs not received in correct format

I have created a TCP input but i have to secure communication using SSL. Following is my filebeat input configuration. This input starts and don't have any errors. Clients is also able to connect (verified via openssl ).

The issue is when log is received its not readable at all as shown in the following image. Need to know what is wrong with my config.

Here is my input configuration.

   - type: tcp
     enabled: true
     id: "tcp_tls_514"
     host: ""
     ssl.enabled: true
     ssl.certificate_authorities: ["/assets/filebeat_certs/My_CA_Bundle.crt"]
     ssl.certificate: "/assets/filebeat_certs/star_my.crt"
     ssl.key: "/assets/filebeat_certs/star_my.key"
     ssl.verification_mode: "none"

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