Filebeat to Logstash via reverse proxy

Hi All,
I am new here. We have configured filebeat to logstash via SSL in our test environment. In our production environment, we are planning for an architecture similar to below:

Filebeat > Secure Apache based reverse proxy > Logstash > ES > Kibana

We are planning to use version 7.3.x.
I have few queries here,

  1. When I read through few posts, I find communication through http based reverse proxy is not feasible between filebeat and logstash. Only SOCKS5 proxy is allowed. Is this same for 7.3.x as well?
  2. Apart from SSL, does 7.3.x filebeat supports user authenication to logstash, similar to elasticsearch?

Note - We are not using X-Pack as of now.


Update to above post -
I have apache 2.4 reverse proxy between Filebeat and logstash. Disabled SSL now. I get below error in filebeat log

2019-09-18T10:44:52.287+0530 INFO pipeline/output.go:95 Connecting to backoff(async(tcp://XXX:80))
2019-09-18T10:44:52.582+0530 INFO pipeline/output.go:105 Connection to backoff(async(tcp://XXX:80)) established
2019-09-18T10:44:52.933+0530 ERROR logstash/async.go:256 Failed to publish events caused by: lumberjack protocol error
2019-09-18T10:44:52.938+0530 ERROR logstash/async.go:256 Failed to publish events caused by: client is not connected
2019-09-18T10:44:54.136+0530 ERROR pipeline/output.go:121 Failed to publish events: client is not connected

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