FileBeat to push logs

We have installed filebeat in the server where logfiles are available. In this server, we have application related logs available in individual folders split based on the associated microservice.For eg,Login related logs inside loginapi folder, dashboard related logs inside dashboardapi etc. I would like to know how filebeat will handle the below

  1. Each microservice related folder contains older logs as well(starting from 01-June-2021). I would like to know what is the order in which filebeat will push the files into the designated output (kafka server in my case for processing) when I specify /logsfs/login/loginapideployment-*.log in the input section of filebeat. What is the order in which files will be pushed. will the latest files be pushed first ?
  2. I would require the *.log files in each of the folder to be pushed to kafka. I would like to know what is the regex I need to provide in the input section to push. As there are around 220 folders(microservices).I dont want to specify all the entries in the input section.

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