Filebeat/Topbeat over AWS Peered VPC

I have 2 VPC's in AWS (aka old and new infrastructure). I am setting up my old VPC servers to use filebeat and topbeat on the new Elastic Monitoring server, which is located in the new VPC. I will first say that I have numerous servers talking to each other over the peered VPC connection - all without ANY issues. For whatever reason, topbeat and filebeat keep getting a "connection reset by peer" error in the syslog. I can telnet using the topbeat/filebeat ports and they connect just fine. Any ideas?

All servers are Ubuntu. For testing purposes, the firewall is WIDE OPEN between the VPC's with no IP or port restrictions.

Try increasing the verbosity of beat to debug and see what pops up?

topbeat/filebeat both send to Elasticsearch? Anything on the peers logs?