Filebeat unable to send data to elastic search

(Asparadkar) #1

I'm trying to send a file using filebeat. When i start filebeat, it starts the harvester for the file and then gives the following error

I sent a file yesterday the exact same way and it was sent successfully.

Error publishing events from filebeat
(ruflin) #2

There seems to be an authentication problem when connecting to elasticsearch. Check if you have the credentials in your config file.

(Akash Paradkar) #3

yup..installed xpack today..hence the necessity for adding credentials. Thank you
Can you suggest something about this?

(ruflin) #4

Not sure i can follow. Which error are you talking about? The Error above is a 401. Can you please post log files as text and not screenshots?

(Akash Paradkar) #5

This is the issue i'm facing:

(system) #6

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