Filebeat: Utilizing Google Pub/Sub to Read Logs from Google Cloud Storage – Equivalent to SQS in AWS

I have applications that can only write to either AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage. Every hour, these applications generate a large number of small log files. Previously, these logs were written to AWS S3 with notifications sent to AWS SQS. Using Filebeat with input type: aws-s3 and specifying the queue_url successfully read the SQS queue, retrieving the logs from AWS S3.

Now the applications write logs to Google Cloud Storage. If I use Filebeat with type: gcs, Filebeat saves the offset for each file (of which there are a large number). If I set up notifications for newly created files in Google Cloud Storage to Google Pub/Sub. Filebeat with input type: gcp-pubsub only retrieves notifications, not the actual logs.

Is there a mechanism in Filebeat to use Pub/Sub similar to SQS? Of course, it's possible to additionally configure DataFlow to write the contents of files from Google Cloud Storage to Google Pub/Sub, but I would like to avoid that if possible.

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