Filebeat + Windows: Spaces in directories

I'm trying to setup filebeat on a windows machine

The dir of apache logs = C:/Program Files (x86)/EasyPHP/binaries/apache/logs/error*

The error i get is:
Exiting: Error getting config for fielset apache2/error: Error interpreting the template of the prospector: template: text:3:22: executing "text" at <.paths>: range can't iterate over C:/Program Files (x86)/EasyPHP/binaries/apache/logs/error*

Can you gave a example how to fill in a unstructered file called: "yml".

Got it....

You must put a "-" before it, beacuse that is how "linux" people write lists aperantly.

I like XML with a schema. Linux people are still living in the 50's....

Next problem. Now i need a string to tell him "no_plugins"

I already tried:

var.pipeline: no_plugins
var.pipeline: "no_plugins"
var.pipeline: 'no_plugins'

  • var.pipeline: no_plugins
    var.pipeline: [no_plugins]

Programming in notepad is super cool..... and high tech !

Could you share the whole file you are trying to edit? Please format it using the </> button in the editors toolbar.

No, that is not possible, I get a error: "Body is limited to 7000 characters; you entered 37965."
I tried to remove all the "help" you need to give people, but i can have made mistakes.


  • module: apache2

    enabled: true

    var.pipeline: no_plugins
    - C:/test/log/*

hosts: ["localhost:9200"]
username: "elastic"
password: "changeme"

Unfortunately, the support of no_plugins option was removed. I have found documentation which includes it, but it is not right. We will update the docs.

So if you want to use apache2 you have to install the plugins.

Thanx !

(Not having the plugin isn't the problem, as long i know the way i have to
fill this in is correctly.)

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