Filebeats to ship data directly to AWS ElasticSearch managed service

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Hi all,
I already see threads that depict it as not feasible to send data to AWS ES service, since these posts are about 1 year old, I'd like to ask whether any of you has had success with this approach?

I really can't seem to find any such case online!

Thank you

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Filebeat supports sending data to any Elasticsearch cluster protected by Basic Auth over HTTPS, and as far as I know AWS ES does not yet support this. I therefore do not think the situation has changed.

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Many thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist, I suppose you are right, but because I came through this thread, I thought maybe its possible.

By basic auth over HTTPS you mean to not supply aws credentials?

Thank you!!

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Yes. In order to use AWS credentials you need to use the custom amazon_es output plugin, as also the standard Elasticsearch output plugin does not support this.

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