Filestream not processing new log messages

Hi all,
I have a filebeat configured to consume log files using filestream and send them to kibana like this:

  - type: filestream
    id: my-stream
    enabled: true

      -  C:\my-app\logs\*.jsonl
      - ndjson:
          keys_under_root: true
          add_error_key: true

The source log files are written to every 10 minutes by my-app application (imagine periodic job).
When filebeat service is started all log lines currently in the files are successfuly sent to kibana.
However after about 7-8 mins I can see in filebeat log (filebeat-20230426.ndjson) the folloving:

//formatted log line
    "log.level": "info",
    "@timestamp": "2023-04-26T11:05:14.058+0200",
    "log.logger": "input.filestream",
    "log.origin": {
        "": "filestream/input.go",
        "file.line": 321
    "message": "Reader was closed. Closing.",
    "": "filebeat",
    "id": "my-stream",
    "source_file": "filestream::my-stream::native::25296896-229669-3598722556",
    "path": "C:\\my-app\\logs\\log-struct-20230426.jsonl",
    "state-id": "native::25296896-229669-3598722556",
    "ecs.version": "1.6.0"

and since that point no further log lines are sent to kibana (I waited for hours and could see new log lines in the source log file).
If I restart the filebeat service then all new log lines are sent to kibana, but again after 7-8 minutes the Reader was closed. Closing. message shows up in filebeat log and no further log lines are processed. What am I missing?

This is a fresh filebeat installation, not a migration from previous log input. However if I do the same with (now deprecated) log input:

  - type: log
    enabled: true

      -  C:\my-app\logs\*.jsonl
    json.keys_under_root: true
    json.add_error_key: true

all the log lines (including new ones coming in every 10 mins) are floating to kibana without issues.

useful info:
source log file is written by my-app using serilog
Filebeat version: 8.7.0
OS: Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (issue is reproducible on all 3 servers runnig my-app)

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