Filter date (easy question)

Struggling a bit to filter the date and time correctly.

The log file contains
date time action protocol
2016-08-23 11:53:38 ALLOW TCP

My logstash filter config is as follows:

filter {
csv {
columns => ["datess", "timess", "action", "protocol"]
separator => " "
date {
match => ["datess", "YYYY-MM-dd", "HH:mm:ss"]
target => "@timestamp"
timezone => "Europe/Amsterdam"

But the @timestamp is not showing the correct date as it should.
"@timestamp" => "2016-08-22T22:00:00.000Z",

What is the correct date setting?

You need to merge the datess and timess fields into a single field (using the add_field option of the csv filter, for example).

Got it.
add_field => { "daytimes" => "%{datess}%{timess}" }