Filter for When Log changes Slightly

How do you create a grok pattern that can handle the log changing every now and then so I have a filter written that works but every so often the last field of an almost identical log is empty and the existing filter cant handle it.
e.g Logs

"MAR-21 00:43:38||2|CN=Test.Test,OU=alpha Users,OU=alpha,OU=Test Units,DC=alphadev,DC=dev,DC=abc,DC=ca|foJ16BD1/B42LI5Cfke/D4oDcUA=|ABCDEF"

"12-MAR-21 07:50:06||10|CN=ez91288,OU=BEV Users,OU=BEV,OU=Business Units,DC=alpha,DC=corp,DC=abc,DC=ca|+uOdgwg5RbNyjjd8JYBtk2K6yH8=|"

so the 2nd log doesn't have the field "|ABCDEF" so it breaks parsing.

%{GREEDYDATA:timestamp}\|%{IPV4:src_ip}\|%{WORD:event_id}\|%{GREEDYDATA:DN}\|%{NOTSPACE:session}\|%{NOTSPACE:application} | 

If a grok field is optional then you can surround it with ()? (i.e. zero or more of the capture group) to tell grok that.

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