Filter Grook

Hi, i have a little issue, my program send files to logstash with this format:

"tenantID": 81883, "Size": 0.1, "FirstDate": "01/23/2020 22:45:32", "LastDate": "123/21/2020 22:45:32"

My problem is when logstash receives this receives FirstDate and LastDate do like this:

FirstDate = 23% 2F01% 2F2020 + 22% 3A45% 3A32 & LastDate = 12% 2F21% 2F2020 + 22% 3A45% 3A32

How can i filter and obtain data?

Thanks for advanced!

Hi there,

can you please post here (properly spaced and formatted) what is returned on the standard output with this pipeline:

input {
  whatever your input is

filter {}

output {


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