Filter Json on specific key


Am attempting to filter which lines of logs are being send to the backend. I have read up on the following documentation however i didn't find my answer.

example json:
"timestamp": "2018-03-10T12:45:25.093419+0100",
"flow_id": 4.9497252168403e+14,
"in_iface": "lo",
"event_type": "alert",
"src_ip": "",
"src_port": 80,
"dest_ip": "x.x.237.85",
"dest_port": 60618,
"html": "html data"
Now i would like to filter on if src_ip = Now I could probably do this by filtering by line and entering the whole string("src_ip": "",). But I was hoping to be able to parse the json and filter line['src_ip'] = is this possible?

Regex can be a performance killer.
Possible injection of data via the html field if it contains "src_ip": "",
Bad practice

Hello @eddie4, I am not sure from your description if are you using JSON parsing on Filebeat?

If you were you use the following without a regexp?

 - drop_event:
           src_ip: ""

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