Filter out Windows proccesses

Hi, i want to filter the events collected by the winlogbeat. Because it is a lot of unwanted noise, i want to drop all events that come from the System32 processes like svchost, backGroundTaskhost etc.

I've tried using drop_event in different ways but it does not seem to work since it is still included in the output.
I tried several ways based on examples i found but none of them seem to do anything:

 - drop_event:
      - regexp.event_data.NewProcessName: 'C:\\Windows\\System32\\*'

  - drop_event:
       equals.event_data.ParentProcessName: ['C:\\Windows\\System32\\svchost.exe']

  - drop_event:
           event_data.NewProcessName: ["C:\\Windows\\System32*"] 

Any help for this is very much appreciated and i hope the formatting was ok.

Ok I managed to work around it by filtering the message of the event for the System32 directory and drop the event if it is contained:

  - drop_event.when:
       contains.message: "C:\\Windows\\System32\\"

But later on i would like to drop the field message if possible so any further directions would be helpful.

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