Filter winlog.event_id in wineventlog

Dear all
I am trying to filter the window event_id i want to remove the message field and add my own field
But i have try 3 method i can think of like this
[winlog][event_id] == 4624
winlog.event_id == 4624
[event_id] == 4624

None of what i try do anything to the log and one of them even stop log from comming

Please help me

What does an event look like if you send it to

output { stdout { codec => rubydebug } }

I have same issue since upgrading logstash to 7.4.2. It will not match any field from winlogbeats. Tested rubydebug and all fields show up fine. For example:

"winlog" => {

         "event_id" => 4688,

It still does not match
[winlog.event_id] == 4688

If event_id is a field nested inside the winlog object then although in kibana you would refer to it as winlog.event_id, in logstash you have to refer to it as [winlog][event_id]

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