Filtering logs in logstash

I am trying to filter the following log in logstash but couldn't make it work. Can anyone help me on this. thanks

debug | 2021-06-08 12:02:50 | +3ms | SCHEDULER | REQUEST_ID: ff23e465-7d36-42ea-9a2b-2ba734dde41b | IP_ADDRESS: 2- | METHOD: RenewSubscriptionWithDob | TYPE: REQUEST | DATA : {"eachRetry":{"id":823609,"customer_id":1371304,"device_type":"mobile","payment_mode":"mife","phone":"1822713187","package_id":25,"charge_amount":6.66,"no_of_validity_days":1,"auto_renewal":1,"status_id":3,"retry_count":30,"remarks":null},"devType":"mobile"} 

What filter configuration are you using?

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