Filtring tweets with logstash filter plugin


Hi, i'm working on a ELK project to extract data from twitter to elasticsearch and build a sentimental analyses engin.
I need to know how can I filter spammed tweets with logstash ? Is that possible or not ?
for example, if i want to ignore all tweets that contain the word 'freebitcoin' or 'bitcoin giveaway', how can i do it?
Thank you.

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Have a look at conditionals ( and the drop filter.


That's what i did, but when i visualized my data with kibana, i still found tweets that contain the keyword 'giveaway'c4

I think my Regular Expression is false

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Perhaps \bgiveaway\b would be enough?


I got an error msg


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Well, you obviously need the surrounding slashes. My example was only the expression itself.


Yes, excuse my mistake.
\bgiveaway\b doesnt work .

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