Final word on the need for brokers with Logstash 2.0?

(Emmett Hogan) #1

I have gone through what documents I can find, and a presentation (which had no audio, only slides) and I find a number of references to the new built-in queuing mechanism in Logstash 2.0. But I cannot find anything definitive that says Redis/Kafka/RabbitMQ/etc are no longer needed as brokers for 2.0. It may be documented somewhere, but I cannot seem to find it in any of the logical places to look. (Like a LS 2.0 Release Notes...)

Is there an "official" stance on the need for a broker with LS 2.0?


(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

There is no built-in queuing in Logstash 2.0. It believe it was in the 2.0 roadmap earlier this year but it has since been bumped to later releases.

If a queue had been introduced in 2.0 it would definitely have been listed in the release notes.

(system) #3